Be. Do. Have

There are so many amazing things I would love to be/do/have. Here is my running list.

OIf you can help me scratch something off the list I would love to hear from you.

1. Travel to at least six continents (Antarctica is the least likely to get a visit, although I do love penguins). Currently I’m at 2 and will be making it 3 by the end of 2013.

2. Ride an elephant.

3. Attend a movie premier and walk the red carpet.

4. Volunteer in an orphanage.

5. Fly to Paris in a private jet.

6. Own a beautiful home overlooking the ocean in Vancouver, BC.

7. Become a certified personal trainer.

8. Do my Yoga teacher training in Nosara, Costa Rica.

9. Be vegan for 30 days.

10. Blog for 40 days straight.

11. Send my parents of their dream vacation.

12. Take a girls trip to New York with my daughter during American Thanksgiving.

13. Visit my friend Sheila in San Paulo.

14. Stand up on surf board.

15. Sunbathe topless.

16. Live in Spain.

17. Pet a monkey.

18. Eat at a Jamie Oliver restaurant.

19. Meet Oprah.

20. Do a workout with Tony Horton.

21. Family reunion somewhere sunny.

22. Travel to El Salvador with my husband and daughter.

23. Finish my RHN program.

24. Write a family friendly cookbook.

25. Dance with Ellen.

26. Learn to swim. (I can doggy paddle right now)

27. Pick a coconut off a tree and drink it.

28. Take a raw cooking class.

29. Take a Tuscan holiday with family and friends.

30. Learn to make buffalo “wings” from cauliflower.

31. Learn to speak Brazilian Portuguese.

32. Kayak in False Creek.

33. Become a confidant skier.

34. Teach a spin class.

35. Take a transatlantic voyage in a boat.

36. Run a marathon.

37. Attend Wanderlust in Hawaii.


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