Starting Over?

The last few days have been riddled with ups and downs surrounding my blog. If you have visited recently you will have noticed the change. I was moving over hosting companies and basically the last year of posts, recipes and photos were wiped. I tried to get it back but it looks like it’s gone to web heaven. While I was pretty upset about this at first it’s pretty much keeping up with the theme of 2014 – RESET. So far this year our family has moved cities, welcomed a new member (Sam) and my hubby has started a new career. While any one of these three is enough to create unrest, for us it has brought us much closer to one another, our extended families and old friends. Also fitting, this happened around the same time as Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year so I’ll take it as a sign and move on with excitement for the year ahead.

Life is not always about trying to fix something that is broken. Sometimes, it’s about starting over and creating something better.

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