Blogging Challenge – Day 2: Thankful Thursday

What an appropriate topic to write about today. I started my day with a short Yoga workout (thanks P90x 3) and moved into spending a couple minutes saying my affirmations. There is no way I would have done this had it not been my husband getting my butt out of bed. So for this he tops my list.

1. My hubby – my best friend, greatest supporter, I can always count on him to hold me accountable and push me to my limits. There is no other person who knows me, loves me and encourages me as he does. And of course, he is also the reason why I have the job I do today…

2. My kids – possibly two of the most adorable and amazing human beings I have ever met. They drive me crazy but there is no other job I would rather have than being their mom. They make me want to be the best possible version of myself.

3. Our extended family – my mom in particular has been such an amazing help since our son was born. She is always lending a helping hand even at times where most sane people would want to run away. Also, for my mother-in-law who has also helped us out, my sister-in-law who watched Naomi for a few days while we moved, my aunt who is one of the most giving and caring people I have ever known, and the rest of our brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces who have made being in Calgary pretty awesome.

4.  Vega – being part of the team in Vancouver has been one of the greatest experiences in both my professional and personal career. Even on mat leave I continue to feel supported and challenged to be better. I am also grateful for all the amazing people I got to work with

5. Our new city – moving to Calgary was no small decision. Although a piece of my heart will always remain in Vancouver, I am so excited to discover what Calgary has to offer. I am also so grateful for the friendships I get to re-kindle (ahem, SH) and the new ones I get to create.

6. Canada – yes, I am so incredibly grateful to live in a country where I have so many liberties. Where I can choose to work or stay at home. With universal health care and who values the role of a mother in a child’s life to give me the opportunity to stay home with them for a year.

7. Travel – Last year was full of so many experiences that many people would only dream of. I am so so so grateful that not only was I able to visit so many inspiring places, but was also able to share that with my family. These experiences are ones I will forever treasure.

8. Yoga – Every time I return to the mat I realize there is a part of me that is missing when I’m not there.

9. Naps – Not really for me, but for my kids, because without them I would not be writing this.

10. Freedom – No explanation necessary.

I’d love to hear some of the things you are grateful for.

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