Pure Live – Pura Vida

I can’t remember when or where I first heard the term Pura Vida, but I do know I instantly connected with its most basic meaning: Real Living. Its such a simple term to describe something so beautiful and complex. It wouldn’t be a while though, until I understood it what it really meant and connected with it in a spiritual kind of way. This way of life has inspired a type of journey for my family and I that has been/is so magical. It has inspired me to seek a life that is somewhat unconventional and intentional.

My whole world shifted when my husband and I welcomed our daughter into this world. Now responsible for raising another human and shaping her view of the world, each day is not only full of intention, love and gratitude but also the tenacity to give her the best start possible. To me this means teaching her to live fully, love deeply, and nourish with real, wholesome food.

Eat Real Food